Workshop: Institutionalizing transdisciplinary learning on different levels

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Lina Bürgener
Co-Author Lina Bürgener Marie Weiß Annika Weiser
Description In the session, we would like to address the following questions as well as our approaches: i) How can we as a higher education institution embed the idea of transdisciplinary learning systematically into our curriculum? With the module “Science transforms” we follow an interdisciplinary, research-based learning approach, … ii) How can we address the different dimensions of learning in our research? In a cross-faculty research center, we research and support transdisciplinary learning processes for sustainable development in various research projects, putting the dimension of mutual learning between Global South and North at the core of the activities. iii) How can we build capacities on transdisciplinary learning and ensure mutual learning across institutions and countries? With the project tdAcademy, we develop a platform to share insights on transdisciplinary research, offer capacity building formats, as well as provide a space for exchange, reflection, collaboration, and new ideas. During and after the presentation, we would like to engage the audience in conversation about experiences, approaches, potential challenges and coping strategies regarding our questions and transdisciplinary learning in general.
Topic Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability
Format Research lab