Workshop: Let's talk rethinking economics

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Michael Mietz
Co-Author Michael Mietz Sam de Muijnck
Description Do economics students receive a diverse set of 'mental equipment' to critically tackle pressing issues such as climate change, inequality or power imbalances? How can we rethink our economics education? What practical, workable steps could we take right now? Join us in a conversation where we aim to share experiences, think about pluralism and talk change.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Cosy conversation corner
Bio Thinking outside to box to contribute to a democratic, sustainable society. After graduating with a MA in history and a brief stint as a high school educator, I decided to follow a long time passion; economics. Having witnessed students founding Rethinking Economics in the UK in 2014 led me to decide such an organization was necessary in Belgium. Finding kindred spirits we founded the first local chapter of Rethinking Economics in the northern part of the country in 2018, in support of Rethinking Economics Belgium already active in Brussels and Wallonia. Currently I am pursuing a masters degree in general economics specializing in economic history, the history of economic thought, heterodox economics and scientific pluralism.