Workshop: Wise Choice – A community of practice for people skills for the SDGs

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Anne Zimmermann
Co-Author Anne Zimmermann (Legacy17 & COPERNICUS Alliance) Marilyn Mehlmann (Legacy17) Boris Goldammer (Visionautik) Jutta Goldammer (Visionautik) Mario Diethart (COPERNICUS Alliance)
Description Are you interested in how to foster decision-making for sustainable development at your higher education institution? Do you want to join our unique Community of Practice? We invite faculty staff, students, ESD researchers, adult education experts, and other stakeholders to join us in this network event, try out some experience-based techniques, and discuss these as well as the possibility of joining our CoP and launching further projects.
Topic Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability
Format Network studio
Bio I studied various literatures at various universities, then focused on multiculturalism and postcolonialism for my PhD and teaching, and ended up many years later engaging in inter- and transdisciplinarity in the context of research and education for sustainable development, and in transforming the higher education sector. I retired from my position as President of the COPERNICUS Alliance in December 2021 and from my position as Head of the Education for Sustainable Development cluster at the Centre for Development and Environment (CDE) of the University of Bern, Switzerland in May 2021. One of my main concerns in the past 7 years has been to enable students to be both academics and engaged citizens, and to ensure that our academic institutions adapt to the need for “education as sustainability” (Stephen Sterling). My current passion is transformative learning. I have published on research for sustainable development and education for sustainable development, and was Associate Editor of the innovative open access journal Mountain Research and Development (MRD) for over 20 years. I’m also a (board) member of, a fascinating and dynamic international, cross-cultural, and transdisciplinary community of transformative learning practitioners.