Workshop: Curriculum design for a sustainable future: the case of the new master in materiomics

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Sarah Doumen
Co-Author Sarah Doumen Jolien Notermans Katleen Denolf An Hardy Dries Vandamme
Description In the new Master of Materiomics, students are trained in conceptualizing and developing alternative, sustainable materials that may contribute to solutions for societal grand challenges and which may help the world to remain within planetary boundaries and not to overshoot. To obtain these goals, interdisciplinary competences are required: while taking the larger societal context into account, students need to cross boundaries between chemistry and physics, as well as between experimental and theoretical/computational methods. During our action atelier, we will further elaborate on how we hope our curriculum design will lead to transformative learning by our students and we will also go deeper into some specific courses and their teaching and assessment approaches. Participants are invited to a) reflect on advantages and obstacles of interdisciplinary competence development for sustainability education and for their own education and b) to design interdisciplinary learning activities for their own courses/educational program according to the four learning mechanisms of boundary crossing theory (i.e. identification, coordination, reflection and transformation; Akkerman & Bakker, 2011).
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Action atelier
Bio I am a researcher-expert in educational psychology at U-RISE (UHasselt Research on Innovative and Society-Engaged Education) as well as a staff member education for the new Master of Materiomics at Hasselt University (Faculty of Sciences). This interdisciplinary master (physics x chemistry, experimental x theoretical approaches) focuses on the fundamental relations between structure, properties, and performance of innovative, sustainable materials, from their smallest building blocks up until their real operational environment (4 possible areas of specialization: Quantum, Energy, Circularity, or Health).