Workshop: Hes2022 abstract shibakawa

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Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio As a former high school teacher, she has practical experience of ESD. Her current research focuses on ESD in the context of social education and lifelong learning, and explores the structure of educational practices that create ESD communities of practice in the local community. Through Service-Learning practices at public high schools in Okayama, she investigates the process of raising interest in education and creating new collaborations among the local actors for building a sustainable society, and the mechanism for the emergence of transformative learning required for ESD. As an Assistant Professor of the ESD Promotion Centre at Okayama University, she has been supporting UNESCO Associated Schools (ASPnet) in Okayama City. She has been working with the City Board of Education from the application stage to provide teacher training sessions, individual consultations, and dispatch of lecturers to workshops. Also as a coordinator between schools and social education, she has been working with community learning centers and local companies to develop ESD programmes, teaching materials, and teacher training. She is also appointed as an advisor to the network of 10 ASPnet high schools in Okayama Prefecture, which was formed through the Student Forum, the final year meeting of the UN Decade of ESD, held in Okayama city in 2014. She has been supporting the implementation and exchange between these schools as well as with overseas schools.