Workshop: Abstract conference hes walter benjamin and the ecoflaneur 1

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Ingrid Molderez
Co-Author Ingrid Molderez Wim Lambrechts Carina Branzila
Description The aim of the workshop is to experience the role of an eco-flâneur in the city. The relevance of Walter Benjamin and the flâneur for a critical reflection on sustainability for higher education in management will be highlighted. Strolling is suggested as an alternative pedagogy. Participants will act as an eco-flâneur, detecting the sustainable innovative initiatives in the city. Participants will learn from the bottom-up; instead of looking for illustrations of the theory, the city is an open field ready to discover and to detect what is new.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio Ingrid Molderez holds a MA in Social Theory and Organisation (Keele University, UK, 1996) and a PhD in Applied Economic Sciences (Hasselt University, Belgium, 1999). She is head of the research group Centre for Economics and Corporate Sustainability (CEDON) at KU Leuven, Faculty of Economics and Business, Brussels. Her research and teaching domains are Sustainable Management, Service Learning, Social Entrepreneurship and Sustainability Pedagogies. In her research, she is inspired by different disciplines such as organization theory, philosophy, social theory, cultural studies and art. The multidisciplinary stance she takes becomes clear in various articles and book chapters that she has published.