Workshop: Researching and teaching heterodox and pluralist economics

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Pernilla Andersson
Co-Author Pernilla Andersson Lina Isacs
Description Rethinking teacher education - researching and teaching heterodox and pluralist economics - Network studio We are researchers in educational sciences and ecological economics in Sweden with an interest in establishing a research environment that could be the home of courses on different levels, a research school and research projects in strands of economics that do not yet exist. We have a particular interest in the teaching aspect of researching and developing heterodox and pluralist economics. We would like to meet at the Higher Education Summit to find allies with the same interests of researching both heterodox and pluralist economics and new ways of teaching economics, i.e. teaching that enable students to grasp the complex and dynamic relationships between economic, social and ecological dimensions of sustainability. More specifically, in this network studio, we would like to use the time to discuss four different themes. Sharing of experiences for successful building of new research environments? Is there a need for a network? Scanning of other similar networks? Is there a need for a network focusing on the teaching aspect of heterodox and pluralist economics, or are current networks sufficient? Courses for teachers (secondary, upper secondary) Research-school (postgraduate) The agenda for the network studio Go-around: who is here and why? (15 min) Presentation of our suggested topics for discussion (see above) - Presentation of an example of a current course we developed at Stockholm University for upper secondary school teachers (15 min) Choice of topics that are of most interest to be discussed - Discussion/work (30 min each) Summary of outcomes (potential outcomes): - Network-theme: Application for funding, or a start for an application. - Online-course-theme: Outline for an online course for teachers. - Research-school-theme: Identification of funding opportunities, formulation of purpose and content. Anyone with an interest in discussing these themes are welcome. Although we are working in Sweden, we are also interested in getting into contact with people who are or want to do similar things in their contexts.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Network studio
Bio Pernilla Andersson is a senior lecturer in social studies education at the Department of Education at Stockholm University. She did her doctoral studies in environmental studies at Södertörn University, studying the integration of 'sustainable development' in business education. Her research interests involve sustainability education, pluralist approaches to economics education, discourse analysis and the development of methodological approaches for studies of teaching and learning in educational practice.