Workshop: Sustainable education design office

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Yolan Gielen
Co-Author Yolan Gielen Leen Audenaert
Description How can we upscale the change towards a more sustainable higher education curriculum? Our answer had proved itself on a local scale. We facilitate change trajectories for Higher Education Institutions. After several successes, we want to share these experiences and make a bigger impact by gather the experiences and methods in a ‘sustainable education design office’. This 'design office' could help all HEI's in Flanders, Europe, the world to adapt their curriculum to learn students face the current challenges of our society. Would you like to partner up for this project and want to discover how? Subscribe for this Project staircase and find out.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Project staircase
Bio Passionate about the transition to a regenerative society. I believe education is key to facilitate this transition. That's why I'm happy to be a part of the sustainability education centre of the Flemish government. We actively help partners in the field of higher education in transforming their education so that students graduate with the needed competences to take part in that transition to a regenerative society.