Workshop: VRIJPLAATS learning by designing the world into a better place

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Leen Audenaert
Co-Author Eef Thoen Leen Audenaert Thomas Remerie
Description VRIJPLAATS is a learning hub, a working space where students design and create educational tools together with researchers and stakeholders. These tools are not always specific products but are more possible answers to complex questions or challenges, with a link to sustainability. VRIJPLAATS is inspired by methods like design thinking, integrative learning, design based research, practitioner inquiry and service learning. Interdisciplinary teams are formed to tackle authentic questions that are present in practice. Most examples can be organized in 4 main topics: Education for Sustainable Development, cultural education, STEM and outdoor learning.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio Eef Thoen For more than 10 years lecturer Visual Arts and Project Cultural Education at the bachelor for secondary education of the Artevelde University of Applied Sciences. He is also for the same period of time practice researchers working at topics like Education for Sustainable Development, Cultural Education and methods like design research. Coming from this research and experiences, VRIJPLAATS was founded as an attempt to deal with more complex questions in close collaboration with stakeholders by bringing together diverse expertise in order to create and design educational tools that help shaping tomorrows’ world. Leen Audenaert works for Duurzaam Educatiepunt, a Flemish, government-funded program on sustainable higher education. This team focusses on the place of sustainability in education. Always starting from the question: what should higher education look like in the light of today's wicked challenges.