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Jean Hugé
Topic Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability
Format Action atelier
Bio As a sustainability scientist, and as a researcher in environmental governance, systems ecology & resource management, I have a strong interest in social-ecological systems science and in the science-policy interface, especially focused on biodiversity. I lecture in ecology and impact assessment and in environmental governance. I have acquired methodological and conceptual skills to analyze and assess the sustainability of complex systems during my 10 year+ academic research experience at interdisciplinary labs. My interdisciplinary background and my interest in the science-policy interface has led me to work on a range of policy-supporting research projects focusing on the discourse and practice of sustainability assessments applied in: climate- and biodiversity-inclusive development cooperation, regional sustainability policies, energy policies, higher education and biodiversity conservation. I have a strong international track record including fieldwork and missions, in particular in sub-Sahara Africa.