Workshop: The CareLab for People and Planet: caring about inner and outer sustainability

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Antje Disterheft
Co-Author Disterheft, Antje
Description “What do I do to take care of myself? And what helps me to take of the planet?” These two questions were asked in Summer 2021 within a photovoice project to diverse academic and non-academic members of a Portuguese faculty to start the dialogue about inner and outer sustainability under the lens of ethics of care (Ives et al. 2020, Moriggi et al. 2020). The initiative was embedded in the creation of a new space of collaboration, co-creation and transformative learning: the CareLab for People and Planet at NOVA School of Science and Technology, NOVA University Lisbon ( In this session, the accompanying research and its findings will be presented using a storytelling approach, eventually with audiovisual material, including also reflective moments for the audience to pause and engage in (guided) self-reflection and also moments of exchange in pairs.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Research lab
Bio am Antje Disterheft and I am enthusiastic about exploring transformative processes that can support keeping human-nature systems in balance. I like the lens of care when thinking about sustainability. The idea of the CareLab is a fruit of my personal transformative learning process during my PhD. I completed my PhD in the field of (social) sustainability, having conducted research on sustainability in higher education and how to assess participatory processes when universities start engaging with all forms of change that can reduce the ecological footprint, increase justice and promote well-being for all. I am trained in diverse methods for participatory leadership and project management design, applying now my facilitation skills in diverse group settings. My current postdoctoral research is about narratives of transformation in science-society interfaces, focusing on capacity building and new approaches to collaboration and co-creation.