Workshop: A critical systems approach to learning about the economy in the 21st century

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Lina Isacs
Co-Author Lina Isacs and Jennifer Hinton
Description How could a curriculum be structured in a way that does not reproduce the problem of training students to think in a singular, reductionist way about the economy? In this interactive workshop, we will try out a series of four fun classroom exercises with participants. We look forward to receiving constructive and critical feedback, and we want participants to come away with a basic understanding of - why underlying assumptions of economic theories matter for the real world; - how the economic system’s rules drive its dynamics; and - how different approaches to value and profit lead to different outcomes.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Action atelier
Bio I have a PhD in planning and decision analysis and a masters in economics. My thesis critically assessed value theory in neoclassical economics and presented alternatives from ecological economics. I now work as a researcher in an interdisciplinary group focusing on climate change leadership.