Workshop: Learning leads the way to new narratives

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Elke De Neve
Co-Author Magali Minet Elke De Neve Yolan Gielen
Description What if there would be a learning environment where everyone feels safe to develop, where intrinsic motivation is called upon, where the questions are lived and the narrative is starting to change, a starting point for transformation and regeneration. During the workshop, we will go in dialogue and co-create steps towards our mutual dream of this regenerative academy. The workshop will be a fun and interactive journey of feeling, seeing and thinking.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio During my environmental engineering studies, I came into contact with CEMUS (Center for sustainable development) in Uppsala, Sweden. A center with courses for and developed by students. There is an abundance of interesting literature, co-creation and tons of interesting lectures, but most of all, there is time and context for self-development, which makes CEMUS a hotspot for sustainable transformation. Later on, in Belgium, this inspired me to look for like minded people: Yolan Gielen, Sebastiaan Kennes, Magali Minet, Yannick De Strycker and Joeri Debaenst to form a vision about what education could be and what it could mean for the transition towards a sustainable world. The basis of ‘Impact Academy’ was developed. ‘Impact Academy’ is not yet a formal organization. Just us, working together, and step by step designing, testing and redesigning the concept of a regenerative academy.