Workshop: STEAM+: Innovating STEM in Higher Education with Transdisciplinary Talent Programs

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Jan-Peter Sandler
Co-Author Jan-Peter Sandler
Description What is transdisciplinary education? What is sustainability? What are talent programs? How can these different concepts come together? In this network session core concepts in the ERASMUS+ subsidised STE(A)M+ (Science, Technology, Engineering, All others, Mathematics) project ( will be discussed. We invite educational policy makers, teachers, students and other stakeholders to join our networking studio to co-construct a deeper understanding of its ideas and learn about the STE(A)M+ project. A follow-up STE(A)M+ event is taking place during the morning of September 8 in Leuven that aims at spreading further awareness of STE(A)M+ education amongst stakeholders.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Network studio
Bio Jan-Peter has a master’s degree in philosophy at KU Leuven and is now following the educational master’s degree. His thesis was on animal rights philosophy. Next year he wants to start a PhD in STEAM education, because of his interest in transdisciplinary approaches and methods. He was part of the Corona virus pandemic preparedness student project of the Transdisciplinary Insights honours program from the KU Leuven Institute for the Future and was part of the transdisciplinary learning team on pandemic preparedness at the same Institute which brought forward the idea of Pandemic Preparedness Goals. This year he is coaching two transdisciplinary student teams on pandemic preparedness and protein transition. After finishing secondary school Jan-Peter took a gap year and travelled around South America and the Caribbean for half a year. There he volunteered at animal shelters around Cordoba in Argentina and helped in constructing a new restroom for a school in Mandeville, Jamaica. Besides studying and travelling, Jan-Peter works two student jobs. In one job he is supporting the organisation of the Transdisciplinary Insights honours programme at the Institute for the Future, and in the other he is developing the Innovation Labs Implementation Plan (ILIP) for the European STEAM+ project. He is also a leading member of the Roots & Chalice radioshow that airs every Tuesday evening from 10pm to 11pm on the local Leuven radiostation Scorpio.