Workshop: Hes2022 proposal

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Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio Katrien Van Poeck has a PhD in educational sciences (University of Leuven) and a Master in social work (Ghent University). She is associate professor at Ghent University's department of Political Sciences. As a research professor focusing on the role of teaching and learning in the pursuit of building a more sustainable world, she coordinates the Centre for Sustainable Developmentā€™s research line on sustainability education. Theoretically, her work has been largely inspired by pragmatist didactic theory. Methodologically and empirically, she builds on transactional analytical frameworks. She leads research projects and international scientific networks on facilitating learning in the context of sustainability transitions, sustainability teaching in higher education, and challenge-based teaching on real-world sustainability problems. She is the Principal Investigator of the LESTRA project funded by the European Research Council. Katrien has a special interest in the relation between sustainability education research and practice and engages in initiatives to foster the co-creation of better sustainability education in collaborative settings with researchers and practitioners. She is also part-time affiliated to Uppsala University (Sweden) and is a co-founder of the research group TePlab - The Laboratory for Teaching Practices.