Workshop: Duurzaam educatiepunt action atelier WIA

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Katrien Monden
Co-Author Katrien Monden Nadia Reynders
Description During this workshop we aim to exchange ideas about and experiences with the Whole Institution Approach, or shortened ‘WIA’. Participants will get inspired to start or develop applying ‘WIA-thinking’ in their own practice.
Topic Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability
Format Action atelier
Bio Katrien Monden and Nadia Reynder are working for Duurzaam Educatiepunt, a Flemish, government-funded program on sustainable higher education. This team focusses on the place of sustainability in education. Always starting from the question: what should higher education look like in light of today's wicked challenges. We develop e-learning tools for educational staff and lecturers and provide trainings to integrate sustainability education in Higher Education, we support the design of educational processes and we stimulate peer learning and exchange. Katrien graduated as a bioscience engineer in 1995 at KU Leuven. She started her professional career at a consultancy firm with focus on spatial planning and environment. Afterwards, she worked for ten years as a project designer at a Regional Parc (South of Limburg) in Flanders. In November 2008 she joined the Flemish Governement to support Higher Education institutions in their transition towards Sustainabability. Nadia graduated as a teacher (1998) and as a Social and Cultural Anthropologist (2001). Since then she has been working as coordinator of different educational projects or programmes for Belgian NGO's (Vredeseilanden/Rikolto, VVOB, Plan International) and for the Flemish Department of Edcuation and Training where she coordinated international projects. In October 2021 she joined the team at Duurzaam Educatiepunt.