Workshop: Network studio: Going beyond growth paradigm. How to realise paradigm transition through transformational leadership in Higher Education

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Franceina van Zalk
Co-Author Franceina van Zalk
Description How does one develop change agent competencies in higher economic education, in which a new paradigm needs to be cultivated? Our experiences so far motivate us to share our insights and research the Transformational Leadership Program of the master Circular Economy (HAN, the Netherlands) on the topic of ‘paradigm shift through self-awareness’ with aims to define the principles for effective educational design. In this network studio I would like to invite participants to discuss ways I can best go about my research, after a demonstration of used techniques.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Network studio
Bio Curriculum designer and teacher of the Transformational leadership programme of the Master Circular Economy, HAN (the Netherlands). Also active as curriculum designer in the international master Circular Economy and Sustainable Tax and Finance (in development).