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Asta Daunoriene
Co-Author Asta Daunorienė Eglė Staniškienė Živilė Stankevičiūtė Jurgita Barynienė
Description The challenge-based learning process allows students to experiment, make mistakes, and create new and innovative solutions. The methodology enables students not only to find the best solution through trials and errors, but also at the same time, to integrate different stakeholders’ experiences, to act in an uncertain environment, and to take responsibility for the impact of the decision on sustainable development. If you are interested in Challenge - based learning, this is the right place to start experiencing it.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Action atelier
Bio Asta Daunoriene is the head of the Centre for Excellence in Teaching and Learning Kaunas University of Technology, Associated Professor of Quality and Value Chain Management, senior researcher at Kaunas University of Technology School of Economics and Business. Asta completed her PhD degree in Social sciences (Economics) and earned a diploma in Pedagogy in 2021. At Kaunas University of Technology Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, Asta brings hands-on experience initiating, coordinating, and promoting faculty development activities based on institutional and individual needs. In six years, she has launched more than 20 new training programmes and organised various strategic sessions. She has facilitated more than 60 trainings and constantly is involved in multiple consultations on curriculum development for Lithuanian and international education institutions. Asta has been involved in the expert activities at the EUA, Ministry of Education, evidencing her skills to the strategy development for teachers’ professional development. Currently, Asta is responsible for new learning pathways development activities at the European Universities initiative ECIU. She also leads Erasmus+ projects and has extensive experience in COST and Interreg projects. She has been acting as an author/co-author and published more than 50 scientific publications.