Workshop: Co-creating and Transforming Learning Environments for Sustainable Change

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Krista Finstad-Milion
Co-Author Krista Finstad-Milion Angie Celaya
Description Do join us in experiencing an undergraduate workshop that has given way to several international publications on leading-edge arts-based experential learning.
Topic Moving from learning about to learning for and as sustainability
Format Action atelier
Bio Krista Finstad-Milion, born in Ontario (Canada), holds a PhD in Management Sciences from the University of Versailles at Saint Quentin, France. She is a teacher-researcher at ICN Business School and director of the Human Resources and Organizational Behavior Department. She has 30 years of teaching experience in management faculties, business schools and engineering schools in France, Germany, Poland, Senegal, Canada, the United States and China. Her current research interests include Sustainable Human Resource Management and Action-learning with regional partners for the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals. Beyond her commitment to social and economic regional development, Krista is the gender equality officer for ICN at the Conférence des Grandes Ecoles (CGE) where she is part of the team of researchers and support staff who wrote the first white paper for f-h equality in French management and engineer schools. In December 2020, Krista was elected chair of the France-Benelux Chapter of the Principles for Responsible Management Education (PRME) and represents this European region at the PRME Global level.