Workshop: Desideratra - Design thinking to engage for action regaring climate change

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Jelle Van Herreweghe
Co-Author Mariedo Bekaert
Description DESIDERATRA is a collaboration between the Koning Boudewijnstichting and the VUB. Our aim is to increase climate commitment among young people in Brussels. First, we provide our students with a global view on the causes and consequences of climate change, We focus on 3 particular topics: air pollution, urban farming and circular economy. We start from the dreams, wishes en needs of our students. In order to be able to achieve real transformation regarding sustainable development, we use the methodology of design thinking. By doing so, we give our students a voice in the climate issue, which will also have an impact on their well-being in general. Fed with this knowledge our students get to work with artists from audiovisual and performing arts. Sitting in an imaginary whale belly, our students and artists philosophize together. Their dreams, wishes and needs form the basis of a collage of voices and thoughts.
Format Action atelier