Workshop: Transformative learning in the economics course

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Lise Janssens
Co-Author Tom Kuppens
Description The topic sustainability has gained increasing importance in recent years, among companies, the government and citizens. Initiatives such as the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the European Green Deal should stimulate the transition to a sustainable society. Also education plays a crucial role in making society more sustainable. The modernisation of secondary education in Flanders shows that sustainability is given an more important role. Attention to sustainability is important within various disciplines and should not be limited to science courses. The theme is also important in economics education for example, as it are often students who study economics that later have job positions by the government or in companies that allow them to make policy decisions. At the 'Unesco World Conference on Education for Sustainable Development in 2021', transformative learning was cited as one of the approaches to ‘teach’ about and for sustainability if we want to ensure our survival and that of future generations. But how to teach in a transformative way in secondary education? What is the impact of teaching in a transformative way? And how to measure transformative learning? In our project ‘Transformatie in de klas’ we try to figure it out together with seconday school teachers. Do you want to join this research workshop to investigate it together with me?
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Research lab