Workshop: Economy Studies: (re)designing economics courses and programs

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Sam De Muijnck
Description Economy Studies is a practical guide for (re-)designing economics courses and programs ( The book offers a road map for effectively connecting core academic material to real world events and the great questions of our time, helping professors to engage students and prepare them for the world of today. It emerged from the worldwide movement to modernise economics education, spurred on by the global financial crisis of 2008, the climate crisis, and the COVID-19 pandemic. This workshop is for anyone who is involved in economics education, whether it is as an academic economist, high school economics teacher or student. During the workshop, participants will become familiar with the core ideas and tools of Economy Studies. Furthermore, they will learn in an interactive way how to apply this to their own courses and how they can help change the way economics is taught.
Topic Rethink the (economics) curriculum
Format Action atelier