Workshop: I-week on Sustainability: from course to international conference for Bachelor students

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Luc Van Liedekerke
Co-Author Sara Weyns
Description In this session, we will share the story of our course I-week on Sustainability and how we transformed it into an international hybrid conference with students and speakers from 5 different continents. We will go into the goals we try to achieve with the course; to teach about sustainability, to develop our students intercultural skills and to also trigger personal development around sustainability. In the second part of the session we will go into the challenges we face, ask for feedback and suggestions on our setup, look for dimensions that are missing, and discuss possible extension of this course with additional partners.
Topic Co-creative, transformative learning environments
Format Research lab
Bio "Luc Van Liedekerke is Professor of business ethics at the universities of Antwerp and Leuven. He was for several years chairman of EBEN (European Business Ethics Network), the largest academic network in business ethics spread out over 40 countries. He is an expert in sustainable investments with representation in several academic and non-academic organisations connected to sustainable investment. Sara Weyns is policy advisor internationalisation and administrative coordinator of the I-week on Sustainability at the University of Antwerp. She is a member of the sustainability team of the Faculty of Business and Economics and coordinator of the project green impact. She has a background in research and teaching in the areas Management, marketing, mathematics and statistics."